How ‘Staying Curious’ could be the hook to discovering our own stories

Updated: Feb 9

The first of the 'codes' we at Discovery live by, as alluded to in yesterday's post - is to 'Discover Our Story'.

Or, if we have grown too familiar with our current interpretation of our stories - to 'RE-discover' them. To "think again" ... take a fresh look. Now, a code like this demands and bleeds curiosity. It starts in our own backyards. Our closets. Our hearts and minds. This is the deep - and often crusty work, of self-discovery.

Now before you get all weirded out and thinking we are a bunch of navel-gazers, hear me out.

Discovery, if driven by humble yet honest curiosity - is not a lazy or even selfish thing if done properly. It will not allow us to sit on what 'we think we know' about ourselves, but will lead to a deeper knowing and greater growth.

Just like with any archeological discovery, this process will require an 'unearthing' ... a getting down in the dirt, on our knees, and digging up something that both was and is ... buried.

The outcome of discovering our stories works kind of like a Swiss Army knife. It has more than one purpose … it carries multiple outcomes.

One of the first outcomes of curiosity in the process of self-discovery, is an increase in UNDERSTANDING.

An increase in understanding comes from asking ourselves good questions. Not just WHAT happened in our past, but how, and why? And what possible redemptive rhythms could be at work?