Don't believe you can experience Jesus in this life? Stay curious ...

Updated: Feb 10

Curiosity has a way of driving our searches in life. A daily look at Google search trends will show how distracted this world is, in our oft times misguided chase after the temporary.

In a Fortune Magazine article from 2016, it was reported that "memes are more popular than Jesus in Google Trends". Up until that time, Jesus had remained in the top slot of most searched, for years.

What's got you curious?

Since the onset of Covid-19, interest in Jesus resurged with the release of the #1 crowdfunded media project in history, The Chosen. As people began to have more time on their hands than usual, while at the same time questioning all the upheaval around the world, revisiting the meaning of life, a fresh interest in the life of Jesus began to climb.

Photo, courtesy Loaves & Fishes Productions

Now, it is one thing to want to learn more about Jesus, but what does it mean to "experience Jesus" in this day and time? How CAN you?!? He lived, he died. Over 2,000 years ago. And if you believe He rose from the grave as many followers do, how could we possibly expect to experience Him today? Great question. Glad you asked.

Here at Discovery, one of the codes we live by - or circles we live in, is that of "Experiencing Jesus". So it would be natural to ask, "How exactly do we pull this off?" It sounds nice, inspiring, yet, kind of elusive, yeah? We get it. But don't give up on Jesus just yet …