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Recover + Restore Your Rogue Heart

You're invited. You didn't ask to be, but you are. Invited on a journey into a Rogue Life. And that journey begins in the heart. Your heart in fact. You know - that often neglected place that gets buried under the debris of your life. Don't deny it. You know it does. It happens to the best of us and can lead to the worst in us. Worst, as in, living below our best.

If it is really true, that Jesus - our Rogue King, came to give us life more abundantly, then where on God's green earth did that life go? Really?

That life - is not "out there". That life is an inside job. It is found in the heart, and it is something to be unearthed within - so your "Rogue Life" on this earth, can truly begin.

Why not join us for the journey? It's gonna be a good one. You won't want to miss it. For service times - you know the drill. At least we think you do.

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