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Are You Accessing God's Strength in Weak Places?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

As you look at what is ahead of you, have you really taken stock of what the path ahead requires? What are you currently looking to for your strength?

How do you recharge when you are feeling low? Will that 'go-to' recharge provide you the strength you truly need to be all you have been created to be when times get tough?

It is easy to just 'get in our mode' - especially if we are in a circumstance that allows us to operate in our sweet spot with any amount of regularity. It can feel so good. There are the dopamine hits and the adrenaline rush that we can often learn to live off of? The approval of others. Doesn't that feel great when you are on the receiving end of all of that? I know it does for me.

The problem with that, is that it leaves us vulnerable to our weak spots when that storm strikes. When an earthquake in our circumstances levels everything.

There is a book called, "How to Survive a Shipwreck" by an author/pastor/activist named Jonathan Martin. In it he writes, “But it does not really matter how you got here or why; and it doesn’t really matter if it was God or the devil or yourself or some ancient chaos that spilled up from the bottom of the sea. What matters now is that you are drowning, and the world you loved before is not your world any longer. The questions of why and how are less pressing than the reality that is your lungs filling with water now. Philosophy and theology won’t help you much here, because what you believe existentially about storms or oceans or drowning won’t make you stop drowning. Religion won’t do you much good down here, because beliefs can’t keep you warm when you’re twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea.”

It is in those moments, that no matter how hard you try to swim back up to the surface, only God's strength, (the one who made the seas), can pull you from the depths back up to the surface and give you strength after rescue. It is easy to be so consumed in needing your own rescue, that you forget about the needs of others. And that's only natural. When you are an airline passenger they train you to take care of yourself before taking care of others. The problem becomes, when we stay in our pain too long and don't progress forward. That is the moment when, our strength is gone. The scripture says those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, and rise up with wings like eagles.

If that is where you are at right now, I encourage you - take a moment. Pause. Reflect. Assess. Take courage and strength from God. Renew yourself in Him. He has an endless supply and will increase your power. When you are weak, He is strong. When you are weak - and rely on Him - wait on Him - you will become strong.

Be rescued by the strong arm of the Father, that you may go rescue His other sons and daughters in that same strength.

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