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Rediscover. Restraint.

Jesus had all authority over the government that exercised its authority over Him, and yet, He did not exercise His own.

Jesus had all power, yet He did not use it to push back against those who would restrict His ministry. He had the opportunity to rightfully take the life of those who were taking His. Yet, quietly, like a lamb to the slaughter, He went.

It is difficult to imagine in His humanity, how He was able to hold his tongue the way He did, amidst His accusers.

In today's politically charged climate, it is easy to power-grab and try to manipulate how others ought to think, speak, or live.

But Jesus - what did He do? He loved. He healed. He mentored. He told stories and let people make up their own minds. He chose a good day to die. Everyday. Through divine restraint.

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